Since the foundation year of 1997, based on intensive technology, SunDoo has pursued the Top Brand of Gas-Detector Maker not only in domestic market, but in the global market.

In order to make sure of Costumers' Safety & Satisfaction, SunDoo has continued to invest to R&D to develop and produce the best one

Built on continuous innovation, our Gas-Detector business has expanded aggressively overseas, achieving record-breaking exports of items to UK, USA, and China.

Until last year we significantly strengthened our strategy of becoming a leading player not only in Korea, but in the Asia Pacific region by obtaining a variety of patents and Certificates such as Venture Company, Inno-Biz, ISO9001/ ISO14001.

All the more, we will continue to focus on the highest level of corporate ethics, 'Customers' Safety & Satisfaction'. We expect every member of our company to understand and uphold the principles outlined in the SunDoo “Business Ethics” and “Business Conduct Guidelines.”


SunDoo is driven to a major regional presence and a top-tier global company as a more trusty and credible business partner, and will realize this goal by striving for excellence in our existing businesses and by pursuing new growth avenues.