TRACER ETHANE is 3,000 times more precise and sensitive than the existing vehicle-mounted leak detectors.

It is the world’s first and most precise and sensitive vehicle gas detection device that detects not only methane but also ethane at the same time as methane and ethane at parts per billion (ppb), far exceeding the existing unit of fine gas, parts per million (ppm).

In addition, it is possible to detect a gas leak from a point up to 150m away at a high speed of up to 80km, and the work is performed very quickly and quickly in a wide area, so the work efficiency is very high. All data values ​​(measured value, measurement location, measurement time, water leak point, gas leak amount, etc.) are saved and saved in real time along with the on-site map by interworking with GPS and specialized software.

methane : 1ppb/s
ethane : 1ppb/s
Measuring distanceMax 150m
Measuring speedMax 80km
Response timeLess than 1 second
Sensor methodMid-Infrared Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
Sensor CalibrationUnnecessary
Selective indexOnly reacts with methane and ethane
communication methodTablet connection using GPS and wireless internet
Device powerDC 12V low power consumption for vehicle
temperature range
(in the vehicle)

Equipment introduction video