Receiver Module

High-fidelity electronic module, provided with loops to be beworn - 1.4lbs(.6kg)

Direct contact Microphone

Lightweight - 10.5 i.(27cm) long;0.75 lbs(0.3kg)


2-alkaline 9 volt Energizer No.522 or equivalent

Direct Contact Microphone Extensions

By adding 2 extensions supplied with kit microphone extends to 4ft(122cm). Additional extensions available - 2ft each(61cm); 1lb(0,45kg)

Operating Life

30hours of continuous use

Magnetic tip(accessory)

Convenient accessory, added to direct contact microphone, adheres to all ferrous obkects and allows hands to be free - 9oz(0.25kg)

Meter Module(accessory)

Analog meter indicates intensity of leak, rechargeable, provided with loops to be belt worn - 1.2lbs(0.5kg)

Weight of Complet Unit

Plastic rugged case - 14.5x6x30 in.(37x15x76cm)

Meter Module Power

1 Ni-Cad, 9v rechargeable battery

Shipping Carton(H-W-L)

16x8x32in (41x21x81cm)

Battery Charger

Available in 110v or 220v - 3lbs(1.4kg)

Total Shipping Weight



600 ohms only - 1lbs(0.45kg)


1 year workmanship, labor and parts

Ground Microphone

Supplide with lightweight, detachable handle - long;2.6lbs(1.2kg)