Pressure rangeLow range
Low/Medium range
Mid/High range
0~5,000 mmH2O
AccuracyFull scale±0.3% Full scale
Measuring time range1, 4,10, 20, 40(minute)
1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 24(hour)
Measuring pressure scalePsi, Kpa, kgf/cm2
mmH2O, mbar, mmHg
The rest itemDisplay remaining time of pressure test
Display remainder of battery
Printing density control

SDM-2 is a specialized equipment for gas tightness test and pressure measurement of city gas and LPG pipes. Currently, KGS (Korea Gas Safety Corporation), city gas company, and gas facility construction companies are using it as an airtight test.
By shortening the measurement time of 30 minutes or more of the existing magnetic pressure recorder to just 4 minutes (based on the 7-2-5 of the integrated liquefied petroleum gas safety management standards, a place less than 0.1 MPa/1 ㎡), the working time was dramatically reduced and It is a device that can measure an accurate value while measuring a wide range of pressures by embedding three sensors of low, medium and high pressure.
In addition, the built-in printer allows the measurement result to be output as soon as the measurement is finished.