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We are an industry leader In the forefront of gas safety.

Our leading electronics are doing our best to supply and develop gas safety equipment to protect the precious lives and property of the people from gas hazards.

The management philosophy of our leading electronics is ‘warm ice. We will make cold machines, but we will not stop making efforts to contribute to the safety of the people and the development of the nation’s technology by competing with sincere technologies that smell like warm people.

As a company specializing in safety measurement equipment, the company is conducting research, development, manufacture, and sales of major measuring instruments in the field of gas and electrical commerce. In addition, we have been continuously developing new products and developing new businesses through the establishment of various domestic and foreign cooperative systems and joint research and development with power generation companies and construction companies.

The main items include digital manometer, corrosion protection meter, laser methane detector, and vehicle gas leakage inspection equipment. These products succeeded in localizing foreign equipment that had to rely on imports with domestic technology, contributed to import substitution and domestic gas technology development.

In addition, as a major domestic agency for high-precision measuring equipment overseas, we supply equipment to gas safety-related companies such as KOGAS (Korea Gas Corporation), KGS (Korea Gas Safety Corporation), city gas companies, power generators, and gas construction companies nationwide.

In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, we will continue to develop top brand products and become an export-led global company through overseas export expansion, and we will keep the faith of the leader in digital gas safety measurement in the 21st century