Target GasMethane
Detection MethodTunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
Measurement Range0~ 40,000ppm and up
Display- Numeric Readings and Graphs
- Survey Route and Leak points on the map
- Visual Warning and Audible Alarm
Sampling Built-In Bumper or Sampling Bar Assembly
Driving speedMax. 40km/h
(Depending on the amount of methane leaked into the atmosphere)
Dimension (mm)620 (W) X 535 (D) X 230 (H)
PowerDC 12V (Vehicle’s Battery)
Data ManagementIntegrated Bluetooth link and GPS

Vehicle-based gas leak survey provides an effective monitoring solution that covers larger areas of underground pipelines and higher survey speed than a walking survey.

TRACER LASER is a vehicle-mounted methane leak detector using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology for underground pipeline leak survey.


Optional model: TRACER LASER-N TRACER LASER with ethane test offered!

TRACER LASER-N is a part of the Tracer family customized for a vehicle-mounted methane leak surveyor. This instrument provides instant identification of the presence of ethane (not Gas Chromatograph) in the sample. Compared to the previous technologies, this instrument is 3 times more sensitive to the low detection limit. TRACER LASER-N enables differentiation between biogas and natural gas all at once in the field.
Mobile Methane Survey
Methane Specific
Sampling for Ethane TestN/A