TRACER ETHANE is the most advanced Natural Gas leak sensing solution that provides more than 3,000 times sensitivity compared to older technologies.

The unmatched 1ppb/s (parts per billion) sensitivity for both Methane and Ethane for Natural Gas detection enables discrimination from other sources of methane such as landfills, sewer pipes, and agricultural activities.

This innovative technology improves mobile survey driving at speeds up to 80 kph and being capable of detecting leaks from up to 150m away supported by Sonic anemometer.

TRACER ETHANE provides a complete solution in leak detection that integrates a sensor system, GPS, Sonic Anemometer, and customized survey software to maximize the productivity.

Detection MethodMid-Infrared Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
Target GasMethane and Ethane specific
(No false alarm)
Measurement Range0~ 10,000ppm
SensitivityMethane: 1ppb/s
Ethane: 1ppb/s
Response TimeLess than 1 second
Sensor CalibrationNot Required
SamplingBuilt-In Bumper or Sampling Bar Assembly
Driving speedMax. 80km/h
(Depending on the amount of methane leaked to the atmosphere)
Dimension (mm)620 (W) X 535 (D) X 230 (H)
PowerDC 12V (Vehicle’s Battery)
Data ManagementIntegrated Bluetooth link and GPS