vehicle installation pictures
equipment front
equipment side
equipment sensor
measurement gasLPGhard case
All-in-one / slimming
Ensure durability
detection methodTCD method
Measured concentration0~22,000ppm
DisplayMain body: Digital density on LCD
TAB: Real-time and MAX numerical concentration
response timewithin 3 secondsthrough easy operation
Improving work efficiency
sample gas intake pipeBuilt-in bumper
suction amountApprox 7 l/min
running speed20~50km/hReal-time data logging
- Provide TAB&S/W TOOL
- Real-time monitoring and data storage
body size560x460x220
sources of electricityDCV 12V
communication methodRS-232C, Bluetooth

Vehicle-mounted LP gas leak testing equipment is a device that detects gas pipe leaks while driving over a wide range of roads that are impossible to walk on.
Tracer HUNTER is a lightweight/miniaturized product with an integrated hard case, and with a quick response speed of less than 3 seconds and a suction amount of about 7ℓ/min or more, it is possible to quickly detect even a small amount of gas leakage. Tracer HUNTER is enabled to detect LP gas using the TCD method, and in conjunction with an Android tablet, real-time monitoring, data storage, and output can be easily performed.

Vehicle-mounted natural gas/propane leak test equipment TRACER MULTI GAS

This equipment measures methane, ethane, and propane simultaneously in ultra-precise ppb units using a laser sensor method (mid-infrared laser absorption spectroscopy). Measuring methane, ethane, propane, etc. at one time supports more accurate and faster inspection because it clearly indicates the source of the leaking gas.