Portable gun-type laser methane detector

RMLD gas detector, Camera Laser Gas Detector
RMLD gas detector, Methane gas leak inspection

– Enabling the circuit to adjust the sensor’s performance
– Correcting the effect of temperature

Camera Laser Gas Detector, Camera Laser Gas Detector Methane gas leak inspection
RMLD gas detector, RMLD gas detector features
RMLD gas detector, RMLD gas detector specification

FDL Gun uses the TDLAS (Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy) technique for measuring the concentration of methane. This technology benefits operators by allowing inspection of inaccessible areas remotely, safely, and efficiently.
FDL Gun synchronizes the Android App, “PI-NOTE,” to log the data which includes surveyed area and suspicious leakage spots with pictures. This information can be received through email and managed easily on a PC.

RMLD gas detector, RMLD gas detector application
The Newest Laser methane Detector, The Newest Laser methane Detector application