Underground exploration radar equipment(GPR) Quantum Imager

Underground triple frequency radar system

World’s first Triple frequency Antenna This is a state-of-the-art equipment that integrates three frequency antenna (1000MHz+500MHz+250MHz) functions into one antenna. Due to the limited low bandwidth, the exploration depth was limited, making it difficult to explore deeper buried burials or shallowly buried pipes or rebars. It has a bandwidth that deep location exploration (up to 10m) as well as shallow location (within 3m) exploration of buried objects that conventional single or dual frequency antennas miss make it possible.

QUANTUM IMAGER applies ultra-wide-band triple frequency to significantly deeper location detection (up to 10m) than existing single or dual-frequency system GPR (Ground Probe) equipment, as well as imaging object By providing a higher resolution for

It is convenient to work with four wheels, and it is not affected by dust, dust and water as it is equipped with the international protection standard IP 66 (waterproof and dustproof function). GPS, 3D image equipped with a touchpad tablet computer which allows operators to run Windows-based applications, suites, including Google earth integration and report generation The Touchpad tablet computer features a 10.1-inch high-definition screen that can be read in all lighting conditions, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and optional 3G and 4G direct Internet service connectivity options.

In addition, We provide software that facilitates analysis by downloading measurement results and compatibility with image files and correcting measurement results.

Equipment introduction video