AG-319G (ACVG)

High Power Cover Damage and Locator

Characteristics and strengths



Receiving set
frequency50(60) / 100 / 512 / 1024 / 8192 / 32768 Hz
built-in antenna
4 pieces
data storageUp to 2,000 or more
Measurement depth displayDepth up to 10m, signal level automatically displayed
Current display range / Accuracy0.001 ~ 9.99A / ±5%
Basic screenGraphic LCD / 320x240pix. / LED backlight
exploration screenROUTE / ROUTE & GRAPHIC
Power / Usage time4 type C alkaline batteries / 20 hours or more
auto-off function30 minutes (without button operation)
Use/Storage Temperature-20~60 / -30~60℃
Specifications330x140x700mm / 2.45kg
waterproof ratingIP54

frequency512 / 1024 / 8192 & 200~9,999Hz
can be set
output 1
Max. 9.9A / 220V / 120W
Output 2 (external battery added)Max. 15A / 330V / 270W
powerRechargeable Battery
charging time8hour
Specifications305x270x194mm / 12kg
explorationMax. 5km

Cloth damage detectionPossible to work using A-frame
Non-metallic tube explorationSonde, workable with push-wire (optional)

The instrument takes advantage of its high-power transmitter to enable highly accurate measurements at great depths of field. The powerful output of 270W of maximum output can receive signals for pipes with a depth of 10M without any problems on the ground. In addition, it displays the pipe in an intuitive graphic on the DISPLAY so that anyone can easily check the pipe location. It even has a function that can identify the target pipe and other pipes in the interference section, increasing the measurement reliability.

Just by connecting the A-frame to the receiver, ACVG is possible immediately. The complex and inconvenient points of the traditional cover damage detector have been greatly improved, and it is a very innovative device that can detect damage to the cover while checking the location of the pipe in real time.