Pipe Locator

A buried pipe and cable detector designed to automatically measure the location and depth of underground pipes and cables and display them on the LCD monitor.

Sure-Lock is a device that sends a signal from a transmitter to a buried pipe or cable and sends a signal to a receiver to measure the location and depth of the burial.

Sure-Lock’s multi-frequency measurement method helps to effectively detect faulty conductors such as Bare Steel, Broken Tracer Wire, and Cast Iron Pipe in addition to general buried objects such as power and communication cables, gas pipelines, and oil pipelines. .

One of the unique features of Sure-Lock is that when you hold the receiver and follow the direction of the buried object, the depth is continuously displayed on the lower part of the LCD monitor without any manipulation, so it is very convenient to detect the exact location of the buried object. It can measure up to 732cm deep and is designed to accurately detect any buried object.

The LCD monitor of the transmitter and receiver informs the operator of various information such as the status of each device, battery level, left and right arrows, bar graph, output signal strength, grounding status, etc.
Sure-Lock’s transmitter uses a Ni-cd rechargeable battery, which reduces battery consumption due to long-term use, making it easy to maintain.

The transmitter and receiver are made of high-strength waterproof ABS resin material that can be used stably even in harsh field conditions, and the upper part of the transmitter is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy.