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DivisionEquipment Specifications
product familyGas concentration measurement and analysis equipment
Main detection targetMethane and gases containing methane (natural gas)
detection range1ppm~100%VOL automatic unit conversion
Gas composition analysisBuilt-in Gas Chromatography Column (Methane, Ethane Analysis)
Additional test gasCO, O2, H2S, CO2

Measurement range for each gas
CO : 0~500ppm
O2 : 0~25%VOL
H2S : 0~100ppm
CO2 : 0~30%VOL
Pressure measurement function0~2,000hPa pressure measurement
product appearanceLight and durable aluminum die-casting
continuous operation time8 hours or more (rechargeable battery)
Charging methodAC220V (office) charging and DC12V (vehicle) charger
dustproof and waterproofIP 54
Explosion-proof performanceExplosion-proof structure
sample suction probeHand type, carbon stick type
equipment carrying beltDouble belt (neck, waist belt)
equipment storagehard case carrying bag
filterWater filter 10EA (1 bottle), dust filter 25EA
appearance indexW175 x D100 x H80 mm
weight1.2kg Below
operating temperature-10℃~40℃

Goliath is equipped with all necessary functions for complex inspection tasks, and the operation method is designed to be very simple. It can be used for various purposes by measuring a wide range of combustible gases, and the built-in battery, which can be used for more than 8 hours when fully charged, can be charged in a stationary as well as in a vehicle.

Goliath is a single device that functions as a leak detector and gas concentration meter, and has a built-in gas analysis function, so you can easily perform all tasks.

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